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So a little intro, im a graphic designer, but i’ve been using blender for a while now, mostly for stills for print, but i want top create my own content and try and make a living from that, nuts, i know. anyway i’ve gazzilions of ideas and I start a lot of them but because of time and resources nothing gets done, i need to work fast to get satisfaction out of it, So this is the first project i’ve started that is doable, the script was actually written without the video in mind, this is like a test run, for rendering times, audio etc, it should be a lot funnier and use the character to much more comedic effect.

anyway let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions! going to try and do one a week, around a minute long, and they should get better as I go along too :slight_smile:

Nice idea! My honest opinion: way too long, after the first five sentences i got a little bit unconcentrated :wink: