Robot in the desert

Project I started yesterday for the cg cookie robot contest. gotta say, i’ve kind of run dry on creative ideas for this
project. I know I’m kind of far along the pipeline for criticism, but any help would be appreciated!

Most recent image::

Some updates to the texture, Will probably finish texturing, and maybe remodel some parts of the robot tomorrow.

blue doesn’t match with orange

erm? what? its fine. discoloration of this nature hapens to metals like zink, nickel, and titanium. Not to mention its a robot, and getting creative, its one in thedesert, exposing it to different minerals which can (and do) create different colorations in the oxidization of metals. His ambient lighting is TOO orange in my opinion. The orange should be coming from reflections, even in sunset, almost never the sky. i suggest making the sky more blue but make the sun very big and give it a lot of turidablity which will discolor the horizon.

I like the model a lot. This is a work in progress. Im sure the rendering details like what colors should go with what will fall into place.

yes, it’s natural… but he should add some orange and grunge because of the sandy and desert effect… right? :slight_smile: but I think this is art, so we must take attention about color harmonization also.

Really? It’s exactly opposite on the color wheel. Perhaps, the artist was going vibration in the color scheme. Personally…I like the color combinations here and the model is very well done!!! The only thing that I would like to see in a more hand-like apendage. The hands don’t seem to make much sense. But…if it’s just an attack/defense robot, maybe it doesn’t hands, just guns. LOL

I think this is stunning. Looks pretty much natural to me based on what I’ve seen in “real life.”

I totally agree. Blue and orange are a common combination, and a good one. Visually they are the exact opposite which creates focus. While i agree a theme is good, i dont think this is the place for it. nature takes its coarse and he found what looks good with it.

I also agree that maybe some more"“decoration”" on the apendages. maybe armoring, wires, soft glow lighting, hydrolics of some sort. Right now the very organic feel to the limbs almost clash with the robotic head but i still think it looks very good. And like i said before i cant wait to see where this goes later on.

Thanks for the input guys, I will definitely bring down the orange a tad in the final render. I was going for an opposite color than the background to make the robot stand out, because it will be the highlight of the render. and make it I ditched the background for now (will work on making it better later) and am almost done with the texturing on the robot. I am going to re model the arms, and add a little detail to the model tomorrow.