Robot interactive simulation.

This is my first post, so I will say ‘hi’ to everyone:)
And i need your help… I will made a interactive robot simulation… and i have problem, i haven’t any idea, how to make it interactiv, i try IPO and motion in logic but it doesn’t work good :confused: It is possibly to us armature in GE ??

PS. sorry fo my english

hi! welcome!
if you’re planning to do put interactivity to that… you need to learn the Game Engine…found a similar project to what you’re planning… check this link

am also starting a similar project… but currently have no clear idea as to what robotic arm i’ll be using… is it possible to get ideas from you?

and by the way, if you’re planning on using your model in Game Engine… use as little polygon count as possible. for detailing, you might wanna use textures.

i like your model :smiley:

EDIT: welcome to blenderartist! :smiley:

Thanks garuhhh, this link is very useful :). Meybe you will made something like that ;),
I glad that you like my model :slight_smile:

yeah! i do need such references! is it possible to have some blueprints? or atleast more pictures?
you know of any commercial models? or site to where i can download pics? tried searching through google, but had no luck…
thanks for the help…

[ of Robot Manipulators]( of Robot Manipulators)

I think, you should try draw some plans based on one of this robots. :slight_smile: It will be very helpful.

thanks for the links ETA! :smiley:

It depends on the actual kind of interactivity you want. Armatures are limited in GE, but you may not need them.

Could you explain your goals?

Cognis - I have problem with rotation limt, but I already advise with my problem, I use Action in Actuator.

garuhhh - no problem, your link was veeeery useful :slight_smile: