Robot-looking cyborg thing

I am making a cyborg dog-thing. Right now I only have the helmet done :frowning:

but more is on the way!

crits, please :slight_smile:


Well, you’re going to have to use setsmooth, because I can make out almost every single poly in the whole thing, but it looks cool when scaled down in your avvy.

It looks like it’s going to be one crabby guard dog, and robot animals are always cool. Good luck.

thanks dude, the reason the polys are so visible is cuz i am trying to keep it low poly for a video game im making this summer., Thanks, though.

Here he is…! I finished up his torso and added some more subsurf, and a set smooth.


Subsurf doesn’t work in the game engine, but for a model it’s looking interesting!

Just hit apply on the subsurf modifier, and it changes it into editable polys that show up in the game engine. But I don’t recommend this until you’re done modeling it, as it makes it much harder to change the model, and it can really make Blender laggy.

Wow! I didn’t know that!
I’ll have to try it when I get home. (I’m at college right now)

I just hit alt+c then keep mesh and then it shows up, but set smooth doesnt show up
in the game engine does it?

here he his with finished arms, btw

crits welcome! :slight_smile:


Heres a theatrical pic… :evilgrin:


I think set smooth works in the GE.

That “theatrical pic” is kind of hard to see.
I like the hands, and I hope to see more soon!

Ya, sorry about the theatrical pic. Im a n00b and just discovered that you can change the color of the lights, so I wanted to try it out. Thanks about the hands, btw.
P.S. ill have to try the set smooth in GE…
anyway, here are the finished pics.
I’m kinda not so happy with a few parts of it. I think ill redo him after the holidays.
Until then, I think this guy could use some guns! :evilgrin:


Do you want to animate the cyborg? It’s really cool and with the red light it is sinister! go on…

I’m actuually really bad at animating, but i could PM you the .blend if you want…
P.S. thx about the light