Robot (modelers block)

Hey all!, I’ve been working on a robot model I’d like to eventually animate but ive hit a large snag i have no idea what to do with its bottom half, (feet, wheels, etc) so it would be great if i could get some of your ideas :slight_smile: and this is my first model without a reference so anything i can do to make it better would be appreciated as well


Try to think what you want it to be able to do. That’s a good starting point.

I was hoping to have spidery legs but couldnt get them to look good/ fit with the style of the model but ill keep trying see what happens :slight_smile:

The smooth, round base gives me the impression that it would be like a flying scout droid or something. I can see that middle circle as a red, glowing circle with an aperture on it. It’s just very sleek.

Also… half of a doorknob with an upside-down pawn in it…

Edit: I didn’t mean this maliciously. Just pure observation filtered through my mental screening.

lol no worries it was honest and yes i can actually see that now that you mention it, and hmm i think that is a pretty good idea the floating scout droid i might go with that if you dont mind my stealing your idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tentacles!!! The look reminds of ‘War of the Worlds’-esque machinery. I can see skinny long tentacles hanging under the bell head. Perhaps with boosters on the ends so it’s like a floating/flying jellyfish mechanized creature of madness.