Robot modeling problem from BlenderArt

I am trying to model the robot from the blenderart mag and have run into some confusion when modeling the eye. Specifically:

Loop selection: Now we need to create a eye cover glass for the eye piece. select the second loop of vertices from the eye piece. Press [Alt + B] and hover your mouse over the second circular loop in the image 18. The active selection will show a blue loop forming on it as soon as it does left click once to select the loop. Duplicate it and separate from this mesh . Get out of edit mode [Tab] now select the newly created mesh and press [Tab] to get into edit mode.

I am not entirely clear as to which group of vertices her meant. Whether he means that loop of vertices around that single vertex at the bottom of the eye or the ring of vertices just above that. And pressing Alt+b just brings up the box selection. Anyone done this successfully? I’m not sure if I am the victim of a typo or doing something wrong. Thanks for any replies.

Alt-b is for an older version. If you are using the new 2.40RC1 alt-RMB does the the same ting. If in vertex, edge select mode and you click on an edge the edge loop will be selected. If face select mode a face loop will be selected.