Robot Rhino

Hello Guys,

i think i’m ready to show you my latest WIP. There’s not really much to say about it!
Still a lot of work and stuff to im improve. Feel free to give my some tips an critique! :wink:


love it! very very neat! Although, to keep the balance between gears and clean surfaces, maybe you should make the head a little more technical, less organic. Just like you have that little gap in the body, where we can see the inner workings.

Oh, neat model. I’ll bet he has LASERS! Reminds me a bit of Tom Siddell’slaser cowsin Gunnerkrigg Court.

Nice, I like it! Maybe some smooth panels on the legs so that there is the contrast between organic and mechanical like on the body.

Why does this look like a potential transformer to me?

Thanks for your replies! :wink:

Here’s a little update again…

…and what do you think about something like this?! :wink:

Ooooo, sh!t just got real!

(I thought rhinos were herbivores :eek: )

Wicked cool beastie, dude.

It’s beautiful!

Thanks guys! :wink:
Here’s a little update. I’ve added some some details and made some material tests…
The texturing is just a test but i think it goes in the right direction! :wink:


Looking pretty gosh darn good to me. :slight_smile:

woh, nice! the metal texture is awesome!

Dam that looks great. Will you rig this when it’s done?

Brilliant modeling and texturing done here. But the pose seems to be the “weak” spot of this work atm … it reminds me in its dynamic more in a shepard than a rhino. I was thinking this since you posted your first render , now i had to let it out, maybe too late … but i though its worth mentioning. Everything else is very, very well done … excellent stuff Lakesone, keep it up :slight_smile:

Extremely awesome work on this. Beautiful stuff.

However, in the more recent pictures something seemed a bit off to me… Took a little staring at it to figure out what it was. With the open mouth and backwards slanted triangular shaped teeth the head begins to take on a more shark like appearance than the rhino appearance in the earlier renders. It became even more pronounced when you added the texture to the upper lip area. Just my personal opinion and in no way meant to lessen the wonderful craftsmanship of this piece.

Heeeey thank you all! Very happy that you like it that much!!! :slight_smile:

That’s the plan! I will try it because i do not really have experience in that…

You’re right and i actually planned to give it a good and more exciting pose! :wink:

You’re abolutly right… but at the moment i have no idea how to solve this problem. I’ve tried a lot of different types of teeth, but for some reason it did’nt look very good or simply did not fit in the whole model?!
Maybe i find a good solution… :slight_smile:

At the moment i’m also thinking about a good scene. Maybe something like a robot-fighting-arena!?
If you have any good ideas please tell me! :wink:

Loving its head! Where is its tail? It needs one!

Here’s a little update again and a render from the backside! :wink:

Hey guys…

i’ve decided to make a scene and wanted a bit of variety in this project!
Here is the start of another robot.

It’s going to be something like a fighting scene i think! :slight_smile:


Nice work! You should pitch this to Boston dynamics when its done and maybe they’ll make a prototype :wink: