Robot - Updated 8/19/05

Hello all. I started out with the intention of making a Mega Man-like robot…but…now it’s starting to look like Glitch, heh. Anyway, just a head right now. I know it’s not a whole lot yet…and they’re just viewport renders, but I’d appreciate it if you gave me your opinions.



it looks like physconauts but very nice so far keep us updated!

I’d say you’re going through the right track, are you making a Megaman 1-8 kind of robot or Megaman X kind of robot? Because thanks to the googles this robot looks more like the megaman 1-8 robots! These are just helmet and googles, there’s nothing much one can say at this stage of development, give us some head and body and then the crits and hints will really begin!

Are you using a specific robot as inspiration? Or you’re just striving to get a Megaman like robot out of your imagination?
Keep it up

Looks like this is going to be good. Just put some legs directly under the head! That would be funny :smiley:

Thanks for the replies guys.

Agness: Heh, never played that game…but I can see the similarities. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fred_Pyo: Originally I was going to go with the X series, as they’re my favorites…but, we’ll say. As you said, so far it’s kinda old school. Currently I’m just using the pic from my Mega Man X cartridge as reference…get ideas more or less. Mostly I’m just going for something new, but obviously inspired by Mega Man. Little nervous about the face…I really have no experience in that area. Matter of fact, I’m pretty limited in most areas. :stuck_out_tongue: So, hopefully I can learn some new stuff with this.

[Kothe]: I’ll see what I can do when it’s finished. Heh. It’ll look like one of those mole guys from Mega Man after doing that. Or hard hat guys…I don’t even know what they’re called. :stuck_out_tongue:

Posted a few new pics…just added shoulder guards and a few more details to his helmet.


Started on the legs…