Robot WIP

I do not know what to call this thread as I do not know what the end result will be exactly. No concept art this time so it could be a domestic robot, or a warrior one. Wait and see. :stuck_out_tongue: Started on the feet.

Looking really good, I like the style… I never put enough parts in on my robots… cluttered is good. Could use some form of kneecaps though?

not sure if you have already but have you looked at armor core, front mission or even gundam for more ideas?

Thanks for the comments guys!

@NRK- The very top pieces are supposed to be kneecaps of sorts, but it may be a bit hard to tell without thigh pieces. :slight_smile: Also trying to cover as much space as possible with little pieces of metal or wires is perfect, since you don’t have to model everything at an A+ level since some of it is covered in metal. It also gives a layered realistic look in the end.

@gundamf91- I have not actually looked at a single reference yet. :wink: I was seeing how far I could go with just my imagination. But towards the end I may look into concepts.

Small update on the legs. I started the thigh pieces last night, but they are not looking perfect yet. They make the feet look small.

You model fast given the detail. I am working on a mecha myself for an short anime. Its based on an armoured core model kit made by kotobukiya (japanese site). If you have buckets full of time on your side check this one out for inspiration:

Thanks, I consider myself a pretty fast modeler. :wink: That is an amazing mech! I can not imagine how many pieces would go into that.

Update: Most of the legs are done now and some of the frontal torso. My plan is to finish the bot at this level of detail and then come back in with some hard surface sculpting, retopo and extra pieces to bring it to the next level.

Test renders in Yafa, excuse the image quality, the forum resizer killed them. :stuck_out_tongue:

The thread is not dead! I a made a small amount of progress on a head piece but I am, a bit stuck. :slight_smile:

I like it, a fair design. What lighting settings are you using to get the shining effects?