Robot WIP

I am a new Blender Artist and I recently started my first somewhat big project. I was sitting with my friend and we drew up some robot sketches, and I have just finished the first robot model. I was hoping to get some good feedback on my first serious Blender WIP. Tell me what you think and please any ideas tips would help out a lot.

This is the sketch I started with.

And this is the final model that I came out with.

Please give me any feedback you think necessary good or bad. I would like to get a large amount of feedback on any thing or things (model wise) that I can improve on before I texture it completely

I just love that little guy. Very clever pedestal also.

Thanks FutureHack, it means a lot. XD

Awesome,not sure why but it reminds me of the robots in Fallout

Generally it looks really nice. Especially I like all those details (its surface isn’t just solid, but we can see a little bit of internal mechanical parts) and the fact that those arms are not just mirrored but there is a difference between them. Will you add more materials to that model (I think that could be an improvement)?

Thank you so much, and yes I am going to start adding materials soon. Although I made a couple of modeling changes and want to get some feedback on them. (Just added a backpack thingy were his vacuum hose will lead to, and a couple other things.) But yes I will be posting some of the newer renders soon.

Also thank you DCBloodHound it really means a lot :slight_smile:

I did some test renders and decided to scratch the backpack idea it messed up the overall tiny-ish look of the robot and didn’t fit well.