this is my actual “project”. Hope I don’t lose motivation. It’s supposed to be some sort of spy drone/robot thingy, don’t exactly know yet. Legs and arms to are still to be modeled. :slight_smile: C&C welcome.

looks pretty nice. But the reflection of the blue light on the white part needs some tuning i think. If you point a flashlight IRL close to a surface like in this picture the reflection will not be this close to the body.

I am not really sure how the real reflection would go but i added some picture which i think shows a aproach. At least it is not bad but the reflection this close to the lightsource looks very strange.

as a absolute blender noob (just starting) i would like to see the material properties of the white looking parts. Im allways wondering how to get such a cool renderlike looking material but i didnt manage to create one now :frowning:
Would you do me this favor? :slight_smile:

ah… and dont forget the nose… it only looks like some white point actually… but i like the modell, looks somewhat cute , keep it up :slight_smile:

I disagree. I think you would only see a lot of blue reflection if the robot was in a darkened environment. You wouldn’t be able to see that much light diffusion in such a bright scene.

The shading in the darker areas of the robot are a little – ah, goofy. As in, the interior of the robot that isn’t hidden behind the white shell. Is that a result of confusing rendering in blender, or is the model there just extremely complex that it looks confusing to the eye?

If he used raytraced reflection then the reflection should be correct and it’s just the raytracer doing what it does.

Nice work so far.

yes it looks great, but the reflection doesnt seem right to me it is just to close. gotta get my flashlight and try it :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile: I used Yafray, so the reflections of the (fairly) complex insides should be correct. The two lamps are no real lights but emitting spheres, hence the weak light emission. It should be physically correct though. I’ll post the robot in a dark environment as soon as I finish modeling. Rendertime’s a real bitch because of GI.

@ starbuilder

Alright, I updated the bot a bit. Hands are still missing and I really have to clean some loose parts up to get it ready for animation.
I had to rearrange its torso parts a bit to make room for the legs. Tell me what you think. :slight_smile:

Not quite happy with the hands, but they’ll come along during the rigging process. I finally figured out how to assign vertex groups for different materials (thanks to #blender@freenode) so I gave him something to savely cross the street. :wink:
If no c&c follows expect the next update to be posed. :slight_smile:

Yet another update. I started rigging the darn thing, but that is really unfulfilling work. :frowning: Hopefully I’ll get around it later.

I like the concept a lot, looks very nice. are you planning to make an animation with it?

This looks kinda like a Droideka from Star Wars.

Maybe look for some animations of one of those walking.

that looks awesome, really like it - especially the materials. i’ve been trying to render with YaFray for ages, but only ever get a load of BLACK - no matter how many lights i shove all over the place :frowning:

maybe in the mirror type eyes you could add the reflection of whatever this little guy is looking at and about to attack ??

Alright, I rebuilt the the arm completly, since it’s parts weren’a able to move realistically in animation before. Added some joints and joined some stuff together. I finished the arm rigging and what fun it was … :rolleyes: Anyway, moving on to the feet now. I’ll have a little arm animation rendered this night, so I should be able present something tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Here we go for now: partly rebuilt robot:

Thanks for watching. :slight_smile:

2 hours later I gathered 7 seconds of animation. :wink: And without GI that is… so either my computer is horrible slow (which it is) or Yafray ain’t the best choice for animation (which it probably isn’t). Anywho, further animations are made during night so I don’t really care.
So here is a first draft of the robot moving. Tomorrow I’ll have the legs ready and start having a look on how these stored action thingies work. :slight_smile:
C&C appreciated.

By the way, does anybody know why some reflections do flicker?