Hey Guys

Just built this guy in a couple of hours. Just wondering what people thought.
Abit of C&C as you more sophisticated people call it.

I’m also having trouble mirroring the arm. Its all in seperate peices. Is there some way of mirroring it as a whole.
i’ll post the .blend as soon as someone can tell me an easy way how


Add a mirror modifier to all the pieces maybe? You will have to go into edit mode and move the verts so the centre of the object is in line with the rest of the robot. Why not join everything somehow? Your robot is looking great though. Love the cartoony style :yes: Wanna see where this leads.

Nice robot. Select all of the arms objects that you want to mirror, duplicate them by pressing shift D and then move them in x direction, then press ctrl M, then 1 ,or go to object menu and select mirror, then select local x.

What JetBoy said. You might also want to think about joining the objects into one whole. That would make animating later way easier. If that’s what you plan on doing. It looks like something straight from the “robots” movie. You’ve got great materials and great use of AO. Some diffrent angles and some wireframes would be nice. Can’t add any more “Comments or Critiques”, as all the sophisticated people like to call them.

Looks good. I’d second the suggestion (or third maybe) of joining the objects. It makes things much easier. I think the mouth needs a little bit of a re-think.

I’m working on a robot right now and I’m trying to think of how to make a mouth. Very difficult area, as I don’t want the metal to be squashy.

Thanks Guys

I’ve tried that but when i mirrored all the objects they all mirrored around their own centers and then everything goes out of alignment and it would take years to fix (I was exagerating there by the way).

I would usually do that but since this is a robot i figured that it would look more mechanical when animating if the objects were seperate and also it’s alot easier and quicker to parent objects to bones than to weight paint.

Make sure you have “median” as the rotation axis, and keep them all selected, it should mirror them all at once, together. If I am wrong again (which is probably the case) you should select all the objects and then “join” them (under objects menu) then if you want to seperate them again go into edit mode and press the p key, then select “all loose parts”. THis should seperate them again.

Thanks for your help guys.

I just decided to join all the objects and now i’ve finished rigging one arm, his body, head etc.
I’m yet to start on legs. i haven’t had any ideas yet

As far as the mirroring goes- here is the secret:

Place the 3d cursor at the center of your mesh- that is the axis about which you want to mirror your objects. Set your pivot mode to the 3d cursor (type a period “.”) then duplicate your objects to be mirrored (shift-d, then enter) and in object mode type ctrl-m and then select an axis to mirror about. Try X local for starters, but if it doesn’t give what you want hit ctrl-z to undo and keep trying till you get the axis you want.

Make sure to center the 3d cursor on your robot’s center line, and set your pivot mode to the 3d cursor and won’t have to move anything around.

Great work snuff.