Hey, guys. It’s my latest render made on blender cycles. Hope you enjoy it.

Original concpet by Nicolas Gazut

Ricardo Viana

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Very nice one I really like it! :slight_smile:
One think I would like to suggest, about the eyes. Right now they look very static, how about to separate them indivitually, they will stay at top like now bot there will be a space for motion (rotation, zoom). As detail I also would suggest you to look the old mechanic photo-camera lens. May be If you can get a bit inspiration form there, You can improve a lot the model :))!

I really Like it! Good Luck

Very cool image, Ricardo! I very much like the lighting you’ve used, and the details of the model. It is good fun to look at all the various parts and where they lead. The different colored lights really make the picture more dynamic, and gives the feeling of a real environment around the robot.

How did you accomplish your texturing? Is it all done in Photoshop?
The textures are very good; however, one thing that looks a little strange is the consistency of the scratched/rough edges on the model. The scratches feel too uniform in size and density. A bit more variety and chaos along the edges, and I think the believability would increase even more.

Great work, Ricardo! You should be very proud!

Iron man 0.01
Nice job :d. Great details behind the mask… but needs more imo.
Looking forward for the whole body. :slight_smile:

I was just about to say that it has some resemblance to Iron Man.

Thank you so much. Your suggestion is really cool, I’ll think on improve it later. Thank you again. :slight_smile:

@James Candy:
Really thanks, man. I did all in blender, include the textures, and i didn’t look at the variation on the bump. I saw the ‘unrandom’ scratches, but it was too late to improve that. One more time, thank you. :smiley:

Thank you. I don’t understand what you want to say with “imo”. Sorry my English, I’m Brazilian. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha, it really remeber the Iron Man, but my reference to model it was the concept of Nicolas Gazut.

I like it very much. Only the neck backbones or the part that should act as backbone, look strange…

Not bad. Got potential. Some more parts in the ROBOT’s head would look good. Looks like you’ve started to model Iron man’s helmet and then ended up with something else :slight_smile:

Agree about the uniform look of the scratches , although considering that the robot is still in a making ( still in a workshop ) it should not have any scratches at all.
Don’t drop it. Give it some thought and love - might come out with something really nice
Take care

Nice details there.

Thank you, @ntnsftr. I tried to follow the concept art, that’s identical. I’ll post it on below.

Thank you so much, @CG-Predator. Your tips are very welcome and I’ll sure use that. I don’t tried to model the Iron Man, as everybody is thinking. I model based on the concept of Nicolas Gazut.
Here’s it:

I don’t wanted to do that hair, cause it would be very strange on the scene, so I adapted this on my way.

What a nice render, a few things that put me off though:
The eyes, they’ve already been pointed out though so I’ll pass on commenting on them :slight_smile:
The scratches, these have already been mentioned but not in entirety, they’re too uniform in size and angle (but this has already been mentioned) and what really bothers me is that every single metal panel seems to have the same scratched up border, like you used the same texture for all of them (If you were to have a real object all metal plates wouldn’t be uniformly scratched around the edges)

Aside from that the render is great

Nice detail and concept! Really cool, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! All the criticisms and all the praises are very welcome, and i’m prideful of that. One more time, thank you.