(Heinzelnisse) #1

Here’s my latest project, a cute robot thing. Hope you like it :3

I wanted to test out a hard surface sculpting workflow, so the main challenge was figuring how to sculpt wear and tear on a hard surface model. I started blocking out the main parts with simple geometry before I polished the shapes with simple polygon modelling, I then used a combination of sculpting the bigger details in blender and leaving the small surface imperfections for the texturing process (substance painter).

The rigging process went fairly easy as well, the main problem here was to make the joints work properly. I ended up cheating on the wrist joint, I didn’t plan the practical aspect for one of the joints.

Original concept art by Jessica:

(Horizon) #2

Awesome texturing, awesome model, awesome result.

(oaschwab) #3

That’s really great. Simple with great attention to detail and character.
Is he animated?

(pkrissz) #4

Looks amazing

(Heinzelnisse) #5

He isn’t animated, but he is rigged and ready for animation :slight_smile:

(Riccardo06) #6

nice work man!

(Heinzelnisse) #7

Thanks Riccardo06!

(razin) #8

so cute, love it !

(Shell212) #9

I like the little switch on the back, is he part of a production line or is he a special on-off model. Great work!

(koto-feja) #10

So pretty! I like it, good work! Nice detailed.

(Walli) #11

adorable, really super cute!

(Heinzelnisse) #12

Thanks folks! I really appreciate it :3

(Dan80) #13

Aww… He is so cute!
Did you sculpt the big, soft dents? - For instance the dent on the second image on the middle of his head.
Just curious. Compared to small bump-details made with height maps that I use all the time, the dents you have used look way more natural and they kinda breaks up the uniform, spherical shape of the characters head. Looks so nice!

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(bingoditko) #14

WOW! Excellent work. And totally adorable.

(TomZed) #15

I love the style! Nice texturing.

(1EdgeMaster) #16

I’d love to learn see the texture set up. The materials are fantastic!

(beep) #17

Great job! Looking very cool :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!

(Heinzelnisse) #18

Thanks again!

Here are the textures from substance painter; I usually start with the a default smart materials, then I build up the details with layers upon layers, I especially like adding wear and tear to everything. The node sett up in blender was really easy, the maps from substance painter where plugged in directly into the principled shader. I also found a really good texture for the headlights, comes with a little tutorial as well:

(From top left: Roughness, Albedo, normal and Metal)

All the big dents are sculpted, including the big dent on the top of his head. I tried to sculpt as much as possible, everything from big soft dents to small scratches leaving only the micro details to substance painter. I actually used the grab brush for the big soft dents, holding down Ctrl+LMB with low intensity works great :slight_smile: I think the main reason it looks natural is because the scratches has continuity over the different parts, so its not only local damage on each object, but it extends and overlap over multiple parts.

Here some of the sculpting details before baking and texturing:

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(Heinzelnisse) #19

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(1EdgeMaster) #20

Wow that is fantastic. Thanks for sharing!