Robotic Maniputlator System

Is a work in progress- Modelling is almost done, no textures or armature yet, but comments and advice would be much appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good so far, can’t give you much adise cause I don’t know what it manipulate! :slight_smile: If it’s in a lab then it would have to look clean for example…

All I know is that its a lot better than my mechanical arm I’ve been working on :frowning:

I really love the details you’ve put into it. My only suggestion would be to make the joints a little beefier so that it gives more of an impression of strength to hold the weight of the arms. Also, I think it’d be easier to work on if you at least gave the different parts some different colors. That way everything would be separated visually. Just an idea. Good luck and keep it coming!

Nice modeling, but materials look some like plastic, but i mean that it’s very early stage of modeling. Try to add more refl and grays to your materials to get better effect of metallic surface .

Nice job so far!

Yup that would be my only critique too. (that it could use a more metallic look) Other than that it looks really good. are you going to rig him I assume? :slight_smile:

well, Im glad you like the modeling guys, as a indicated earlier(obviously not clearly enough) I havent touched the materials yet, thats just the blender default, but hopefully once I finish figuring out what to mount it on and doing the modelling Ill be able to post some modelling and Material pics. stay tuned! :wink:

I completely understood what you said about having not touched the materials…thats why I suggested colorizing the individual parts to make it easier :wink:

This looks REALLY fermiliar… I saw an animation of something very much like this before. Looks good.


ok guys, I need ideas, I want this thing to be Mobile but I cant think what I want to model for a locomotion system, should it be tracks, wheels, legs? what do you think, I cant decide?

How about hover coils…

Not to get too much off-topic, but I checked out your claymation on your web site. You should post them or the links in the traditional forum so everyone can see them.

thanx, maybe I will, Im glad to see that someone actually visits my site, he he he :wink: