Robotics BGE

i am trying to simulate a robotic spider in the GE, i would like it to use rigid body etc for the legs and body, i would appreciate any insights anyone would have into this as i have drawn a blank.

so far i have been able to control a leg without rigid body (ie no gravity etc)

any help appreciated


Ok fisrt off i would do it in steps.

  1. make sure your spider is modeled
  2. rig it (unsure how? just ask me for a link)
  3. Animate it and set logic bricks
  4. Create a box around your spider (invisible in the game), make your spider and armature ‘ghost’
  5. Make your box rigid body ( i prefer dynamic) or whatever fits your needs.

Need it in more detail or need something else explained?
Just let me know and i will try to help.

I heard that in the new major BGE update (2.50?,2.60?) there will be full IK support, then what you are doing will be easier.

Thank you, This is a good method for getting an animated robot to walk. Sorry if there was some confusion, I meant to ask if there is any current way of using linked rigid bodies.

think i have just answered my own question
will edit later to see

Thanks all


You can put all character objects (armature + rigged mesh) into one group and link the group.
Keep in mind, you have to apply the logic to the objects in the group.

I hope it helps

edit: I don’t think that is what you meant. With rigid bodies I do not know. The only “physics” system achiving something like that is the vehicle wrapper. But maybe there are other ways too.