Robots: CAD to obj meshing for a research project

Dear Blender Community,
I am working as a researcher at KIT Germany in the domain of robotics.

Since I am more an engineer than an artist, it is really hard for me to rebuild the CAD Files of the robot into a smooth mesh in blender. I would appreciate any help on converting two robots (Details in PM).

I have CAD files for both of them - no need to modell all details like screws and cables and all that suff. Only the robots basic structure so it can be recognized again.

Thank you very much for help / hints on how to do this. I would like the modells to be publicly available for the research community on github - of course all credit to the artist.

Please PM me if you are intrested - any help appreciated a lot.


Can you export as an .stl file? That may stop and distortions. Then import to Blender.