"Rock Fight'"

Screen shot from this 3d Rock Fight I created in blender internal.

That was so cool…

Appreciate it, it was my first Blender project.

Cool animation man. Really love your materials.

Thank you steve

Very cool fellow Texan! :slight_smile:

Allready bro


Thanks tahnk!

that upper cut at the end was epic! xD

Thanks Calzaath

I appreciate All the comments and views, here is a screen shot of the next Animation I’m working on, its called “CheckMate”

Should be out in 2 to 3 weeks

ahaha pretty impresive , now i cant wait to see it when it comes :stuck_out_tongue:

well done, guy. i am impatient for checkmate short. it must be impressive

Im ready to get to the animating myself, just wish Cycles had Voxel Data for Smoke/Dust Particles i want to use for when the pieces break, but I think I have a solution to composite it in from blender Internal…

Whoa man - you can really sell a scene - looks like a teaser trailer lol. Now I gotta check out all of your newest animations.

Thanks PetyaZubov, I did not finish the spaceship animation yet, but still working on it!

Looks awesome, but the animation could be better though

As others have said, the lighting and texturing work fairly well, but the animation is what’s lacking.
Nice first effort.

Better camerawork than a lot of videos out there. Great lighting and materials for a first project.