Rock Surface Feedback

Trying to get a realistic bumpy looking rock surface on this text.

This is what I have come up with so far. Any feedback on what I can do to make it look more realistic and bumpy?

Is there are Blender plugin I can use to help?

Thank you.

Here are my Nodes:

Dude, you need more than a single texture to get a realistic result. Use the principaled shader if you have the latest version and get some good rock textures then use the microdisplacement feature I’d say.

If you want the rock text to stand out make the background much simpler, more like a solid color

I have principaled shader. Do you have any beginner tutorials you can point me to how to use the principaled shader to create more than 1 texture to get realistic results?

Absolutely. Check this tutorial by Blender guru, there is also tutorials on microdisplacement on his channel.

Thank you:)