Rocket Engine

V2 Rocket Engine modeled in Blender. I unwrapped most of the big parts and applied an image texture. The smaller parts just have a procedural texture. I rendered it with the Blender render engine. No post processing. It took three weekends to finish.

A turntable video is here:


Nice modeling. The presentation could be improved. Is this an actual rocket engine from some aircraft or is it your own design?

This is the German V2 liquid propellent engine. It’s the predecessor of the engines that powered the US space program.

A nice piece of the complex machine! Especially if it is the model of V2 inner details!
I think that you can improve the overall effect using to certain parts more specific materials. For example: I suppose that some of these tubes were made from an bare aluminum or brass, some sealants may be of rubber or bare steel, as well as the bolts etc. You can create all of them using procedural textures. For shining metallic materials (especially on large surfaces) you will need an environment (start with the standard Sky procedural texture for the World).

Thank you for your comments Witold. I think this engine looks more like the restored museum pieces I have seen on the internet. For an original look, it does need mostly bare metals. After all, these were single use devices, so why bother painting them. I should work on that.

Witold, I made good use of your Intersection script for making the numerous weld beads on this model. I will post some detail renders showing this. It is a great script and I was pleased to find it.

The V2 was quite a machine. It would hit altitudes of 55 miles and could (if launched straight up) hit as high as 128 miles. Unfortunately, it was used to bomb England, but after the war, several V2’s along with von Braun were brought over to the US where research continued, and evloved into the Atlas rocket. I’ve seen V2 engines and that’s a really nice accurate representation there.