Rocket League Octane

This is a Rocket League car I made, the initial model took 3 hours to make, and the renders and scene took about five days of free time. I started this project because Rocket League is my favorite game of all time. I love the art style, the physics and the randomness of cars play soccer.
The video was animated and rendered in Blender Cycles at 250 samples then compiled in Premiere Pro.
I rendered the stills in blender Cycles at 350 samples.

I hope you guys like it!

This was the first time I have made a video, so give me any thoughts you have!


Great work with model and materials.

Some scenes in the video have a strange cut, but overall it’s too good to be the first.

Was it based only on the images of the game or did you have access to some car’s model sheet?

I intend to do a series of tutorials on my channel to model a car in the style of the Rocket League cars.

If you want, add me on Steam to play: WesleySales3d. :smile:


I based it off of images from RL and I Googled Rocket League blueprints and just used the best one I found. That would be a fun tutorial to follow along! The model only takes about 3 hours to make.

Ok, just incase I forget mine is Spacerobot5.

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This is so good
Can i get project file?!

I want this pls …

I could sell it to you through Gumroad.

is there any way that i can get that octain model for free becuse your octain is beatyfull