Rocket Sword

Hey guys made this animation of a sword I made for swordtember. It’s sword. With a rocket on it. Rocket Sword.

I have never done something for a theme like swordtember before and I am happy with how it turned out. I decided to post it though because If I keep looking at it I feel like it looks worse and worse and I might never end up posting it. So here it is.

Modelled in blender. Some parts are sub-D some are boolean/beveled. the screws are from MasterXeon1001 Kitops pack because who has time to make screws.

Texturing done entirely in marmoset. This model is not optimized at all. Its 4K textures because I was way too lazy to optimize and way too many polys because the mesh on the handle is modeled with geo instead of a texture.

Maybe later I will try turning this into a low poly thing. I dunno. Hope yall like. Love to hear your feedback!


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