"Rocking" animation

I am going to be modeling a few movie stars as part of a caricature animation, so I am not going for realism here. Here is my first one as a WIP. I hope you can recognise him.

Please C&C his shape for now, as I still want to do more work on his eyes, hair, UV map for skin, etc. The hair particles is more a test to give the impression of sweaty/wettish hair (I still need to refine the curve guides some more too.)

Here are the drawings I started off from:

The wire mesh is not as clean as I would like it, as I had to make it rather complex to capture all the facial features. I know that there are vertices here and there out of place, but they are mostly for a reason. Here is the 1st level sub-surfed version:



that is awesome man
bro that looks like him
but, the left eye is saggng a bit too much and the eyebrow and hair dont look realistic
but overall good job

Thanks A’ Outlaw.

His eyes are actually identical, as I the model is still mirrored. I think it must be the camera angle - plus his eyelids are quite thick (from pictures I used).

Here is an ortho camera shot from the front:

You can see his hair still needs a comb :slight_smile:


Haha, you really captured him, congradulations, and yea, the hair still needs work, but the model is great

Adrienne!!! It’s Rocky Balboa aged 60 in Rocky 15 the final comeback. Oh I forgot that’s his real age.:slight_smile: Top work AnyMation, it’s perfect, now for the body.

I managed to resolve a few technical issues around the Rocky/Rambo model elsewhere on the forum, so that is why I did not make good progress over the past few days.

Now I’m off to a week’s break: it’s summer over here. During the “break”, I won’t have my animation PC with me, so I shall be working on the storyline and script of our animation. Also see a second character we are working on: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=85787).

I’ll update you with updates in the Rocky model when I get back.

After a holiday break and some technical hiccups, here is an update.

Please keep in mind that this guy is intended to be animated, so I am not trying to make him 100% realistic. Please give some feedback, after which I will bump it up to Focused Critique.

(The blue border between the hair and other objects is a Blender rendering artifact - it is better than 2.42 [I rendered in 2.43RC2])


The update looks awesome. The hair is really improved, and the whole thing looks great. Personally, I still think the eyebrows look a little weird, but that’s hardly noticeable. It was a few minutes before I noticed them myself. I’m excited to see the finished animation. If your animation skills are anywhere close to your facial modeling skills, it’ll be incredible.

wow, really nice caricatura !
I think If you use a ramp shader for the skin material (if you didn’t) and a different lighting it will be even better !

Thanks guys.

Re the eyebrows: hair in Blender is a bit of a mission, especially if you take into account that I have 3 areas of hair: head, eyebrows and beard - all three of different length… and some of them have to be animated. E.g. the eyebrows will have to move with the facial features, the beard with the chin… even the hair on his head have to move slightly as his moves his head, otherwise it will look like he has steel wool on his head! The brows looked better when I used curve guides, but I cannot use them anymore now that I’ve added the beard (as the particles’ “normal” speed will not work well with the guides). I did change it some more again, but I think they’ll have to suffice - he is a kinda rough guy and he’s just been in a fight . Fortunately, I see the guys are working on some really great new hair/particle tools: I wish I had the comb already! (I might just download the one working patch, but there is always the trade-off: do I have the time to learn something instead of delivering something?)

I did some work on the ramp shader as well, and I think the face now looks less “flat”. You will notice very faint tinges of warming yellow and red coming through, depending on the angle of incoming light.

Lastly, I think the eye were set a bit deep, so I moved them forward a little (and enlarged the iris a bit).

I’ll quickly do the tongue tomorrow - and then I’ll start with the challenging part: shape keys for his face.

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I’ve now submitted it to Focused Critique at http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?p=797097#post797097