I was messing with textures and the Node Compositor and wound up with this. No postpro or anything.

Comments, crits?


Looks pretty cool.
As far as crits… The lighting is very good, but the reddish color in the rocks kind of puts you off. Try going for more gray, maybe a little brown in there.
Applying the texture to spheres is good for testing, but for a genuine ‘rock’ look, model a couple rocks. Make a cube, fractal subdivide a few times and pull some verts around. The DoF is perfect.

Keep up the good work, I’m waiting for updates. 8)

i think the DoF is bad. it looks more like a glow effect than what i get with my real camera. try out yafrays real DoF and you will see how different the result will be.

To each his own, dude. But then, I’m not a photographer. :stuck_out_tongue:

no it’s not to each his own. the DOF has some very noticeable problems. look at the sphere closest to the camera. follow the edge with your eye, all the way around. you will notice the edge is sharp in some areas where it should be blurred.

i’m not saying this is the artist’s fault or criticising the artist in any way. perhaps it is a bug with the new node system, which is itself a work in progress.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Right you are Troutie.

Those are some sexy rocks, i like how created Deapth of Field