Seeing Andrew price’s new “acadamy” i wanted to try something similar and produce real looking rocks, but i just can’t get the feel totally right after quite alot of tweaking and im in need of suggestions, If someone wishes for the .blend ill post it. :slight_smile:

yeah, blendfile would be great, and a little descripttion of the scale your aiming for. Is it like far away and huge or like only 10 m away?

I think you should add a displace moddifier and maybe lower the spec a little.

I made a tutoriual about this a while ago, you may find it usefull :).

Take a look here:

For one thing, it looks like a blanket thrown OVER rocks. Either you need your shadows to show through more, or you need to separate the rocks a wee bit.

try AO, then also turn up the spec map, and then also mess a little with the lighting (as the guru says, its 90 percent lighting, 10 percent everything else)
Lighting is normally the issue, also try environment lighting