Rogue-like 2d turm-based game in might-and-magic-like setting

Hi everybody.
I m a programmer writing 2d turn-based fantasy game. Oldscool, partly text-based. Im looking for modellers, 3d-artists, writers, people who can work with sound, etc.
Here I hope to find modellers for making sprites of mobs, landscapes, effects and for dozens and dozens other things.
Setting is closed to mm, but it`s possible to change it a bit: I hope to find not «free workers», but people who want to create another fantasy world, to tell a story.
Plans about liscening: non-commercial, free software.
Some links: <-- english, a bit outdated <–russian, more screenshots <-- youtube channel

links updated

Upping the theme.
Added relief, moral bar and in-chain moving.

Looks kinda like a fun project… I’m sorry I’m not better at producing pretty results, or I’d have a go at it :slight_smile:

>Looks kinda like a fun project…
This phrase can be understood in two ways:

  1. Oh, It`s so fun and nice!
  2. Oh, It`s just-for-fun trash!

ATM the project looks like a project without graphic.
Only two mobs: low poly rogue and goblin. First was made fast for testing, and the second one is from set Ive made in past for WoX2, which is dead now. As for that set, here is its screenshots in the post.
IDK if it`s good idea to use them, cause quality is too good… But may be they are ok for sprites without animation, only 1 frame poses?
In this situation I need help with rigging, posing and rendering them to sprites.
And, of course, set is not completed, game needs much mor mobs: npcs, golems, elementals, etc.