Roland Alpha Juno 2

Knock-knock. Who’s there? The Hoover!
Welcome to the Thunderdome. From Madonna to Prodigy, musicians of numerous genres have used Juno’s recognizable timbre in their recordings. Nothing can beat the authentic hoover sound.
The most affordable from the Juno series, Alpha is the secret super weapon and an instant rave classic.

P.S. This one was suggested by Brian Lamb from Roland Cloud. More greymat shots are available on my Artstation.


I really like the composition and the '80 magazine style of the images.
I think the first image is a bit too bright though and black, shadows and dark tones could be darker.
Image 12-13 and 15 are the best

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Thank you. I see what you mean by bright. Apart from imitating the 80’s magazine style, I also tried emulating an airbrush stroke, which is known for its pale dark tones. This is a good example, I think:

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