Roland Compu Editor 800

Almost from the very beginning I didn’t have a heart for this project. I didn’t want to dwell on synthesizers alone, so I decided to make some new audio device. For example, a portable mixer. Of course, from the Roland line. But, something wasn’t right during the creation process. Just wasn’t feeling it, for some reason.
BTW, this time I completely made all the graphics in Illustrator. Still don’t like its GUI, but, slowly getting used to it. Photoshop was only used to store vector graphics as textures.
However, when it came to texturing, I absolutely didn’t like the materials, angles, and lighting that I used.
Therefore, I left this project for a while and took up a new one.
For a new project, I needed to make an additional model, which I switched to work on. Then there was an order from a client. After that, I decided to finish off this mixer with tons of texture layers, pinning it to the ground. So, I removed all materials and started from scratch with a clean mesh. And now, it is finally completed. Can’t say that this work could be included in my fav 3, but I liked working on individual details and complex geometry.
I’m glad I didn’t give up and abandon this model halfway through. This time, I decided to add a simple step-by-step timelapse video on Artstation, since I do too much prerenders anyways. Happy viewing!

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