Roland - CR-78 Compurhythm

Back to Roland vintage devices. Iconic drum machine from the 70’s. All analog. With a touch of the time it spent in my grandfather’s attic.


This looks photoreal, absolutely stunning.

What about the wood grain on the bottom tho? is it this way in your reference?


Yep. It was tempting to use either real wood or tolex leather material, but I’ve found that some of the machines had plywood cases with wood veneer and one had one deck with the pattern orientated vertically. I decided to replicate it, so that it won’t look like real wood, since the back side shows that it’s plywood.


Hola, muy buen trabajo! La madera de la parte de abajo está en vertical, quizás quedaría mejor en horizontal, o es así el diseño original?

Foi assim que o envoltório de vinil folheado a madeira foi aplicado em uma das fotos de referência. Talvez eu mude, já que as pessoas estão apontando isso para mim. Obrigado

P.S. I’m only started learning Portuguese, so the response above was made using Google Translate.

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Mira, si ese era tu concepto artístico, está más que bien. No tienes por qué hacer lo que te pida la gente. Solamente lo señalé porque quizás se te pasó, pero si así lo querías, está genial. El trabajo está muy bueno. Y por cierto, no es portugués, es español. :wink: Yo entiendo inglés y portugués, pero escribo en español pues porque hay traductor gratis. Además mi escritura en inglés está fuera de forma. :crazy_face:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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So, this means that my Portuguese is even worse than I thought.
O diretor dorme no trabalho. Thank you, Duolingo.
Here’s a “fixed” version, since many people pointed out to that as a UV misalignment.

Great job, well… almost perfect :wink:
There are some discrepancies in details, but overall it looks impressive.

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Thank you!

I love the design of vintage electronics, nicely done.

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Looks brand new.

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Love this, really did a double take at first, kudos!

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Used to have one of these along with an 808 myself, they are super fun to play around with!

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if you haven’t noticed, 2 of the blue buttons says Rock-1, i assume it is a mistake.

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I didn’t. Great catch!