Rolled edges?

I’m trying to recreate this aircraft seat with the rolled edges. Could someone suggest the best way to do this? I assume the sculpting tool would be best for the wrinkles.


Unless the edges to be rolled are quite complex, it’s easy to add rolled edges in a straight forward manner. See the attached images. As shown in 1, add two circles, flush with one end, with one tangent to the inner edge of the sheet and one tangent to the outer edge. Be sure to merge the two vertices that form the end points of the top edge. As shown in 2, remove the vertices below the top surface and extrude the two outer vertices downward a bit. As shown in 3, use Bridge Edge Loops to fill in the faces, then copy to the other end of the top face. Remove the top face, flip the normals of the copied faces and continue using Bridge Edge Loops, until you have the completed rolled edge shown in 4.

Good luck

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You could also do this with the spin tool and save a few steps:

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