Rollerblade Twister Edge Edition # 3 W

This is a personal project produced in my spare time.
it started as a friendly challenge between colleagues.
A special thanks to my friends and colleagues Riccardo Bancone, Maria Grazia Di Giovannantonio, Paolo Scaffidi Abate and Vittorio Lapenna for their support, criticisms and suggestions for improvements.
The chosen item is the Rollerblade Twister Edge Edition # 3 W skate.
Modeling, texturing, rendering in Blender 2.9, rendered using Cycles.
Vector Graphics in Affinity Designer (for logos and writings), the rest is procedurally created on Blender.
Post production of images and videos in Affinity Photo and DaVinci Resolve.

Music for the rollerblade turntable (Artstation link under images)
chill. by sakura Hz Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library

Hope you like it!

For animation turntable please check my artstation:


As a dude, I would rather be caught dead wearing something pink, but you know what, because it looks like the cyber truck I am willing to disregard the colour.

Very nice roller blades, you should make this and sell it or something, (if this design hasn’t been made before)

Very inspirational that 99% of this was made with Blender.

Hope you get featured bro.

Yes man, those are rollerblades for girls of course. The item challenge was chosen by a girl of course so i had to folllow the rules you know =).
Anyway the real model is already sold by Rollerblade company (but i think that this model is out of production)

Thank you for your words mate, appreciate!
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Oh I see, I think you smashed the brief bro, if you was to model it again but for a boy what colours would you use? For me I would keep the body black and make everything thats pink green, the wheels black and make the inside of the shoes black.

I would like your color combo.
In my case (black lover) i would go with black and yellow or orange (where you see the pink parts now)

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Ohhh thank you very much Bart. Really appreciate this :slight_smile:


Looks really good. Nice nice