Rolling Ball

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I was wondering how to make a rolling Ball. Making a ball is not the problem ofcourse, but the making it roll realistic is. Maybe someone knows a tutorial that I can use to learn this. or maybe its simple enough te explain it to me. Any kind of help is being appreciated by me so let me know.

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You can make a ball simply roll by in the logic buttons, choosing the button that says ‘static’ by default to rigid body. Add a plane under it and rotate the plane a little. press “p” to start the game engine and the ball should roll across the plane and fall off. Controlling the ball is another story. It is kind of easy (depending on how much experience you have with logic buttons) and I know Super3boy has a tutorial on it on youtube. Its called an introduction to the game engine or something like that.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help, I’m gonna check out the youtube movie and I’ll try what you just told me.
Thanks a lot mate,
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Hey again. i just noticed that you posted this in the animation category if you want to use this in an animation you have to hit the button ‘record game physics to ipo’ then play the game. then the ball will be used in the ipo editor, therefore if you go to a frame in the future say 50 the ball will move.

i dont know if that is what you want but it will probablly be useful sometime in the future