Rolling Balls on soft-body grass?

So finally i figured out how to post a thread with url’s without never appearing…

I wanted to create a plane, add hair particles, make it a softbody, let a ball roll through the particles. I wanted it to look like a ball running through grass.

This is what i came up with:
ht tp:/ / watch?v=k9womBAwS-0 (please remove the spaces, total 3 ;-))

as you can see the grass is not really moving nice.
I wanted it to be pushed away by the ball, and even pushed down to the floor. It should more or less stay in the new position.

here’s a screenshot of my settings, i don’t know how to get it right. I tried many different settings, what am i doing wrong?
ht tp:// /img/zF_xoFc4.jpg (total 2 spaces)


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Sorry I don’t know the answer but here are your links:

Great inspring video. Thanks burns to give me the link of this video. I got good home work.

You may want to try playing with your speed settings. It appears as if your grass lays in wake too long.


@kkrawal: i’m happy to inspire you :smiley: if you get it working right, please contact me somehow…=D

@gwaddy, i’ll give it a try, thanks… although i think that i’ve nearly played around with every single setting -.-

i’ll give an update after trying the speed settings

I think it would work better if you embed the grass in a mesh modifier.
For real meshes you can set plasticity and bending stiffness.
IIRC particle hair only uses simple curves which are nice to give things a little jiggle but can not do the entire range of rod dynamics.

Hum just looked up the code… it seems that particle curves do have 2nd order springs too…
so raising bending stiffness and plas(ticity) may work.


How would one do that?
I mean embedding the gras in a mesh modifier ?

I just asked one youtube guy who made a very nice video.
He added a Spherical force on the Ball and did NOT use a softbody on the particles.
But then the grass comes up to it’s original position when the ball is gone.
That is not very realistic tho.

So i’m still sticking with the settings.

Such a pity that there is no tutorial about this :D.
If i ever get it working nice, I think I’ll make a tutorial about it.

So if anybody has time, please try to get it working :slight_smile:
It’s a nice effect tho.


p.s.: i’ve played around with simply every setting, stiffnes, et cetera, and it won’t work properly…

Try this…

Friction ~ 20
Mass =1
Grav = 0
Speed = 1

Everything else, leave as is.

If it doesn’t work pm me.