Rolling stone [2010 Game contest]


Roll to you adventure.Not only the vertigo and the traps, time too will be against you! Do you prefer to run without deviations to the goal or to collect all the points along the way? Your force origins from Newton’s second law Mass x Acceleration. Gain or lose weight as you wish or as the necessity dictate.

Arrows --> navigation
Space bar --> Pause
R–> resume
Esc —> Go to the Menu

In the Menu
Move the mouse over what you want to select and press “Enter”
Only Start and quit are functioning


This instead are the issues I’m working on and I think I won’t overcome without some help.

1- Glsl materials- After some month of not doing blender I’ve forgotten how to set them. I’m not interested in blending two materials or in projection paint, I only want that nice colours and nice

2- Realistic sound
2a I really need good samples of ball of different materials (wood stone paper or others) rolling over cement and metal.
2b Realistic reactions. How can I change velocity or frequency to match different velocities and force during impacts. First of all ho to distinguish and impact and a rolling contact.
2c Though i set loop stop, why do I get some pauses during repetitions?
2d Is collision the best way to keep the sound? Obviously if someone can help me with point 2b all will go by script i suppose

3 Sound theme
Where can I get some sound themes like that “preview”?

4 Is the navigation comfortable? Are the reactions to direction changing appropriate for skills?

Should i post it in support?

up, please give me a hand

UPDATED :o:o:o:o

Very nice game, looks and sounds really good, nice job :smiley:

Thanks :smiley: I need some critics tough

well the things i can think of that u need fixing, are already on ur to-do list. So, all thats left is, other ppls opinions, and compliments.

This if you want to test it, disover bugs and mayble have fun

This is a fun little game. I prefer these relaxing games over intense hard-core games. I see much potential in this.

I think you should check some of the assets in the run-time. It seems to be missing all text and sound.

Now the critiques:

  1. At the beginning I can just jump off to the left and land on the the ramp that’s toward the end. I’m not sure what your method of checking for fall off is, but you could just put a plane below the track that extends beyond the edges and follows the track. If that collides with the ball, then run your script to reset the ball.

  2. The materials are all really dark. Because of that, it’s hard to tell when the angle changes and such. The materials in your video seem good. Check the assets again. Maybe some textures got left out in the run-time.

  3. Since the camera doesn’t change angles, at the one spot it’s hard to see where you’re going (55 seconds in your video)

I’m eager to see this finish.

I don’t have these problems on my pc. can you post some screenshot? maybe you should install python or something. I didn’t pack any texture. I taught blender would have done it automatically.

This is corrected

The reason you probably can see the textures is because the run-time is accessing the location of them on your hard drive. I don’t have that location, so it can’t access them. If you pack all external data and then make an executable, it should work. Here’s some screenshots.


I’ve corrected it

Thanks to Wehrdo, this is the new sound system

Now i’ll go to search for good samples, or create by my own.