Roman Temple (New Image!)

Hi there, I created this roman temple. Hope you like it :wink:

(edit) I uploaded a newer image with better materials…


comments pls?

I think as far as modeling goes, it looks great, but the materials and textures could use a little work.

It needs UVs (and more realisitc stone/marble textures) + environment (sun in the ‚ÄúSky‚ÄĚ mode instead of a spot). That‚Äôs my best advice.


I agree, from that image modelling looks fine, but material(s) still need some attention. Could you post some wire frames? Or maybe a blend file?

Ok thank you guys, gonna work on it :wink:

I agree on what others say about textures :slight_smile:
I think columns should be bigger though :slight_smile:

hi Howker i see your temple it is good and attractive thanks to share this , i think you can improve it through changing texture and design it can became model of advance design thanks.

As you can see I uploaded a newer image with better textures and materials. But still im not happy with it, still going to work a bit more on it :wink:

roof could get true geometry rather than texture. Or at least normal mapping…

Yeah, still working on it :wink: