I’ve finnished a project in wich I’ve been working lately, it’s a render of a roof, I’ve had some problems with lightning wich I’ve solved how I’ve could. Texturing has been the hardest part.

all crits welcome, thank you.


wow, great job!

The texture work is incredible, even down to the scratches and the grafiti, lighting is good too and you really convey the message that the building is old.

Yeah, it really shows that you spent alot of time on the detail of the textures.

that is very very impressive!

I’m not yet sold, I’d be keen to see a wireframe…
(apologies for skepticism)

There seems to be a serious lack of some bump/displacement on everything. Also, the lacl of bevels on some things really throws it for me too.

Overall, it’s very nice. Well lit and textured, but it still needs more to make it beleivable.


The textures make up for the beveling

dude… Gallery!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

And I think it’s just a photo.

To me it seems to be missing a bit of specularity, but it’s still a fantastic render. :slight_smile:

Good work.

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There needs to be more bumpmapping allover. The scratches just aren’t too realistic yet. I like it though. It’s a good peice of work, but not yet photorealistic.

The comments about the bump and stuff are correct, but the texturing and lighting. . .wow! :smiley:


Great work. Good work on the texturing. It also has really believable lighting, great work on especially the shadowside of the building, it looks the way it should. It somehow reminds me of Half Life 2. (Episode 2 takes waaaaay too long :(.)

Very lovely texturing job and the lighting is just wonderful. But I have to agree on the beveling issue: the wall edges would look a bit more realistic with a bevel.

You’ve pretty much received all the critiques that I could give you already, therefore I just want to say that it is a very good image, with excellent texturing, which can’t be stressed often enough.

I’d also like to know if this was made with the Internal Engine or Yafray or something?

I must say, this is one of my favourite pieces that have been recently posted. I especially like the right half of the image (in shadow), and the overall lighting/atmosphere. Great job.

Great image mate. I’m not so sure there is a ‘serious lack’ of bumpmapping, but yes, some of the paint/render on the chimeny(sp?) could be given a bit more depth.

Overall though, its a beautiful piece and reminds me of HL2 as well:)

Point insertion my friends, point insertion.