Rooftop Scene (Trim Sheets/Skybox)


I’ve been working to learn the basics of trim sheets and skyboxes by creating a little rooftop scene using simple hand painted diffuse materials. The goal is to eventually have a realtime diorama in Marmoset or Unreal. Here’s what I have so far (please excuse the roughly drawn textures).

Early Render:

Texture trim sheet:

Sky Box:

Partially constructed rooftop:

Here’s a god’s eye view of the sky box:

I had to subdivide it a couple times for BPainter to want to paint on it correctly for some reason.

I need to finish drawing/rendering the textures/skybox and make a couple more textures and trim pieces. After that I’ll add in a bit more geometry to the trim pieces to make them less stiff/bare and see how creative I can get with my trim sheet & scene geometry.

I’m using photoshop & CSP for the trim textures. I hand-painted the skybox in Blender using the BPainter plugin (such an awesome plugin by the way!). Any and all feedback welcome :slight_smile:

I am going to call this done for now. Here are my favorite two renders:

Some other Renders:



I’m happy with the overall atmosphere, but I would like to go back in and add some more detail on the geometry by popping some bricks out and adding some more rounded edges. I also have a bunch of unused space on my trim sheet. I think I have a solid foundation here that I can add to later at some point.