rookie needs help!

hi all.i am totally new to blender and i am looking for advice!!i am starting my final year in computing shotlt and i am thinking of making a video using blender.the basics of the proposed video is a flying tour of a sports stadium inside and difficult would this be to create to someone who has only just started using the progam.any similiar projects or ideas greatly appreciated

welcome to Blender!

It depends on how detailed and photorealistic you want it to be. Also how many numbers your computer can crunch because if you want to model each an every stand…well i hope you’ve got a few days to render! Best thing to do, start by making basic structure and as you get used to blender and modelling techniques then u can add more detail.

This is on the assumption you just want a flyby tour of the stadium itself. If you want crowds and character animation… :-?

good luck tho

Im just gonna have an animated intro from a character and a basic fly around with backing music.ill try to be as detailed as possible.maybe ill do the tour when no match is on so i wont have to worry about crowd creation!!how difficult is blender to learn?thanks for help

ok, then you’ll want to cover some tuts/docs on:
1: rigging ( there’s a tut in ‘general’ forum by gabio. can’t remember what it’s called. also there’s a link to the ‘blender char’ website in the animation forum, which also covers RVKs, which are mesh deform keys used for speech and the like. )
2: animation ( the standard documentation will do )
3: the video sequence editor ( [email protected] tut in the docs is superb )
4: using audio in the sequence editor ( check the animation forum for a thread on sound by kashoki, whom i just explained audio to )