Room of light - Interior


Did the couch with help of Blender Gurus tutorial (Did own design). I’ll try to model and texture everything myself so there’s always whole learning process included. And I thought the couch was a bit bland so I made whole interior scene. It’s a bit empty for now but there’s going to be some kind table and maybe some pillow and details as I go along.



Very nice lightning, materials too. One of the best.

Very well done! Couch is fantastic, and the lighting is really nice. The rug looks great too, but I’d move it forward if you add a coffee table and other things. Just a thought. Nice job! :smiley:


Update! Thought that I liked the room to be stylish but still fresh and interesting. Some branch in the pot wouldn’t do it.
Here’s close up and one interesting render.


Dont you think it is dangerous to have tree grown through the window especially during storms? Just kidding. Beautiful work of art :slight_smile:

Haha! yeah I thought it but then I remembered that I could do anything I want. It’s one awesome thing in art!
A bit of odd or surreal is always a good thing. :smiley:

Thought it looked too desaturated so I added more color in various things like floor and flowers.
Also added the ladder style shelf on the right so it looks more balanced. Not so sure what I put on the ladders…
Wanted this to look quite simple and atmospheric so I’m not adding too much junk anywhere.
I’m quite happy with the branch. Looks some what realistic IMO.


- Beware the saturation. The real world is not full of bright colors. In the last image, maybe the wooden ground can be more redish or more yellow. But materials ar not so colored. I think an very colored object will put a touch of life in the scene. A vase, a cup on a table or something not too big.

- About the tree branch, even accepting your choice of surrealism (which is absolutly nice) it looks to me too fake to match the rest of the scene. Like a plastic tree added for a commercial.

- Shadows on the wall, maybe a little too soft. Observe real life and you find best models.

Thanks for the advises! I’ll look what I can do to improve it.

Tweaked the branch to look more like cherry tree’s branch and added some things on the ladder shelf.
Next I tweak the lighting little bit.


I like how your rug came out Icon, an interesting room for sure. You better make sure no birds plow through your window trying to land on that tree branch.:slight_smile:

haha! Thanks!

Better render with more light. Original resolution is 3000x2000, 1000 samples, rendertime 3h 24min, composed in Blender and added some contrast/brightness in Photoshop.


On my monitor, the shadows areas are a little too blue.
It’s important to see the difference between warm and cold colors (it makes feel real) but the danger is to go too far. When we retouch photography, finding the key point between warm and cold makes the picture beautiful.

But I’m punctilious, sorry… maybe a swiss flaw =) You’re image is good anyway.

Thanks again! “Nitpicking” is a good thing in renders like this. It gives you something to improve your render. And I agree. The color balances are off and I tried to improve it to look less drastic.



Hi IconW, thanks for the comment on my thread, you’re doing a nice job too, from an architectual point of view I’m not sure about the branch, but artistically it’s kind of giving a nice touch to the scene. :yes: I really like the couch, is it a original design?.

Thank you! Yeah. It’s all done by me.