room scence take 1

(Pork) #1

i just starting putting this together round a bed i made earlyer, i know it has a long way to go, but any comments would be useful as always.


(nehpets) #2

hmm…i think maybe if you used Yafray to render this it would make it look really realistic…the modeling is fantastic. i might work on the curtains though.

(MoonDragon) #3

To me the window seems quite off. Find yourself a nice window reference you like and model the frame based on it.

(womball) #4

THe cross in the windo w is way to thick in my opinion, otherwise great job!

(emfrobia) #5

did you use softbodies for the curtains? if not, i wrote a tutorial on softbodies in case you want to use it. Nice work so far, i love the subtle use of volumetric lighting!

(Pork) #6

no actully i didnt use soft bodies, i did it by eye, but thanks for the tutorial :smiley: ive been wanting to get to know soft bodies for a while.
heres a little update, i did a tiny bit of work on the curtains, and the windows (+ a few very minor things). im gunna start adding some more furniture now but again as always, wanted to run it through the forums first.
chees all.