room scence take 1

i just starting putting this together round a bed i made earlyer, i know it has a long way to go, but any comments would be useful as always.


hmm…i think maybe if you used Yafray to render this it would make it look really realistic…the modeling is fantastic. i might work on the curtains though.

To me the window seems quite off. Find yourself a nice window reference you like and model the frame based on it.

THe cross in the windo w is way to thick in my opinion, otherwise great job!

did you use softbodies for the curtains? if not, i wrote a tutorial on softbodies in case you want to use it. Nice work so far, i love the subtle use of volumetric lighting!

no actully i didnt use soft bodies, i did it by eye, but thanks for the tutorial :smiley: ive been wanting to get to know soft bodies for a while.
heres a little update, i did a tiny bit of work on the curtains, and the windows (+ a few very minor things). im gunna start adding some more furniture now but again as always, wanted to run it through the forums first.
chees all.