room that i have been working on

here is one of the rooms that i have been working on yes i know its a little fuzzy but i re rendered it out to 3000 and now that problem is solved and its almost done but for now here is the latest one thanks.


OUCH 3000 passes? The highest I’ve gotten in Cycles (actually I never use Cycles) is 50 passes on a cube as a test and that took about a minute so this must have taken like an hour, that is, if it was a cube, which it is not. But right to the point, it’s looking very good! If there was anything I’d critique it would be the setup of the room, as there doesn’t seem to be any interaction between the two chairs (like, they’re at random angles) and the carpet should be straightly aligned even if the chairs aren’t. But it’s much better than what I could do (as usual, I’m not great with Blender yet.) Keep it up!

yea i can fix the chair and lol its still not done rendering its at 2911 as of now but its going to be a animation for a game that iam working on also a tutorial that iam going to be doing on it

A critique i have about the image is the camera, if it have less wider angle may be better, so will be concentrating more on the chairs and less on the white empty wall. About numbers of samples with cycles(dont know if you already know better methods) i find better for reducing noise and removing white dots instead of doing a very high number of passes(at example 600) to do like this:
render 2 images at say 200 passes each but with different seed(render panel,integrator,seed),
save both and in gimp create 2 layers, in each of them put one rendered image; select upper layer; in mode select darken only, mostly white dots should be gone!
I think this can be done also with blender composition nodes,but not yet tried.

ok ill have to go and try that and the reason the carama is wide is because there is going to be apart of a animation for a game that iam working on

ok, i think you should add a bit of compositing to it. Volume lighting would look amazing :wink: have a look at this tutorial:

Really nice rendering! The horizon line in the background seems to run parallel with the roof joist and the top of the window. rotating the digital image so that the horizon line is level would be more accurate and would help create the illusion of distance beyond the window pane.

I wonder why all Cycles renders (those in the forums, I mean) look so dark on my screen. Maybe I have to twek it.
Anyway, nice image. @milk1190, thanks for tip, I’ll give it a try.