Room with a view

Been trying to explore bigger projects and wanted to do a luxury hotel room / apartment (albeit a little tired). All assets created by me in Blender and rendered in Cycles. Rendered with 5000 samples. Composition in Blender with pp in Blender, PS and Lightroom. Hope you like it! Would love some feedback and cc. Thanks all

Textures from
HDRI from hdrihaven (


Beautiful ! I love the decor most of all.
Only suggestion is that the blankets and pillows need more wrinkles.
I love all the details that you added though.
I must know most of all what did you do to make that carpet. I could not figure out myself , and that carpet you’ve made is absolutely perfect.

Thanks for the feedback and kind comments, much appreciated!

Yes, the blankets and bedding could do with more wrinkles you’re totally right! Thanks.

Carpet: For a while I used the standard carpet textures with the principled shader (colour, gloss and normal maps), but I couldn’t get the depth I was looking for. I ended up adding a displacement map + colour ramp, but using a mix colour node with the colour map set to mix / screen (disp map being greyscale). This seemed to give me the extra level of depth I wanted. Hope this helps