Room with Laptop

(ookami77) #1

This is a room that was one of my first learning experiences using Blender. I started it about a month ago, then went on vacation, and when I came back I decided to work on it some more and add the chairs and paper on the table. Now I’m stuck though because I like the way this looks, but I feel like there should be more in the scene. Please help me with suggestions of things I should change or add or whatever. Thanks.
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Please keep in mind that I’ve only been using Blender for about a month.

(shibbydude) #2

Way too dark even for a midnight scene. Moonlight is a very white light and is diffuse. I suggest adding some small lamps in different places around the rooms to give more of a “clear” night feeling.

(BgDM) #3

I agree. Way too dark. Brighten it up. What I can see looks good though.


(rogerm3d) #4

Nice, agree with above comments
is that computer crashed?
I see what looks like the blue screen of death :frowning:

(ookami77) #5

Because of all the “too dark” comments, I decided to change the scene from a nighttime one to a morning one. I’ll add something to the computer screen eventually but for now I’m still trying to decide if I should add pictures on the walls or some kind of shelf or what. Check out the latest ver. here:

Any comments are welcome and appreciated.

(valarking) #6

Well, the light is too… yellow. Maybe make a bit more white. If I ever woke up seeing that much yellow light pouring in I’d look to see where the explosion was. :wink:

(S68) #7

I don’t find first scene too dark…

second is toooo yellow :slight_smile:

and there is a shadow cast from the chair on the wall which is difficult to explain with that lightning (i.e. unnatural)

why don’t you try radiosity?


(ookami77) #8

I’ll try Radiosity when I get the scene closer to completion… I think it may take a while to get the Radiosity settings correct so I’d like to have the scene set up the way I like before I put the time into rendering with Radiosity. Thanks for the comments, I’ll try to reduce the Yellow and see if I can get rid of that shadow.[/quote]