Hi there…

This is my first time!
Done this following Blender Cookie’s Jonathan Williamson training course “Interior 3D Architectural Visualization in Blender 2.6”.

The modeling was done from a reference photo using “The Blender camera calibration toolkit” addon to adjust the camera to match the reference.

Will put the Yamaha Hi-Fi and Samsung TV on Blender Swap later but right now I want to read your critics about this work.

All rendered in Cycles, the main Layer toke 8 hours (Slow Macbook white!) to render 2200 samples.

Please comment!


Looks great! I did the course as well, and learned a lot. I see you have too.

For now, the only pointer i have is as follows:

  • The light from outside is overpoweringly bright… and appears to be coming from the lower left hand side, and it’s causing some strange illumination problems. It’s beaming upwards towards the ceiling, when it looks like it should be coming from outside and beaming inwards (see reference. Red is current, blue is what should be) Especially when using the shadow in the background as a reference.


Yes, the outside is too bright.
I think I will render it in a separate layer to adjust the sun for the outside.

The light is coming from the upper right side.
I don’t know why the ceiling is so lighted.
Maybe is the light plane on the window.
I wll find it out and fix it…

Thank you for you feedback!

You’re welcome! But it looks awesome none the less!!!