Rope and machine simulation

I need someone to finish what I’ve started, make a rope feed through a machine while the machine climbs it, reaches the top, and rolls to the anchor holding the rope up. Will pay per hour through Paypal.
Preferably someone with experience with curves, bones and simple physics.
If you’re interested, post here and I’ll share the .blend files through PM.

hmm i didnt realy got what you really mean… may you explain better?

Want me to design the machine?

I can most likely do this in game engine, or in blender core/animation

6dof joints and mechanical systems, are easy enough for me, though chain is easier then rope for simulations,

Do you want real torque and force amounts/energy over time? I am not sure I can do that…

You might wish to elaborate on exactly how you want the effect to appear, how long it is and so-forth. For example, if a machine climbs a rope, the rope above the machine will be taut but how much movement should be in the area beneath the rope? Is there any real-life footage that you could point to, which illustrates something similar to what you have in mind?

do you have the models already made and just need the animation?

I think he has moved on?

perhaps i’ll do it anyway, just to test if my ideas would have worked :smiley:

I’m a little late replying to this but… I did a project like this a year or two ago…

go here…

Let me know with a PM…

@Norvman, that video link doesn’t work any more… you still have that sample?