Rope texture

Just recently Greg Zaal made a new tutorial featuring a rope. In fairness I must say, that a rope is fairly complex for such a tiny thing. What’s bothering me the most however is the fact, that I found only applicable textures at CGTexture, which prevent their usage in certain situation due to licensing issues.
Therefore I decided to sit down and create one that will be available under CC public domain (because I’m such a nice guy :slight_smile: ).

This was achieved by this node setup in Cycles:

As you can see the base color can easily be varied. When applying the texture I noticed some shortcomings:

The variation in the texture disappears. Maybe the difference was too less pronounced to begin with. As I took the texture and made it seamless, this may have caused further disruption.
I would gladly hear your input/opinion on the matter. Do you have suggestions for a better node setup?
I will post a link to the blend files later on.


I uploaded the whole thing to BlendSwap

how do you do the unwrap on the twisted helix ?

sorry still having problem just to register at blendswap ! LOL


I followed this tutorial to create the rope. Before twisting the rope, you place your seams on the inside (now this is finally a model that makes for easy decision on seam placement :slight_smile: ) and unwrap. I then had to adjust the UVs so they are properly mapped to a square.
The problem that I still have not figured out is, when you apply the array modifier you get ugly seams, even if you have mapped your UVs to fill the whole UV space. Propbably the cleanest solution would be to apply the modifier and do the unwrapping then, which will result in much more work for remapping the UVs.

well that’s the thing here if the rope twist i mean the seam will eventually comes in front view
and will be seen which is not good !

i’ll take a look at video


Rope strands need to run “along” the rope:

That’s not the case, as the seams a are located on the inside and the rope twists around the center, which is also the center of the seams, they always stay on the inside.

I did another model, where I actually used the rope. This time with the correct orientation of the threads - thanks ridix for pointing this out:

As you can see this looks a bit weird in shot this close up. But seen as a whole, I think it works, then the seams from the single segments are no longer visible.