RopeMan and CuckoomMan from the "Mighty Heroes"

(harlequin) #1

I don’t know if anybody here has ever heard of them but they were from Terrytoons.

Let me know what ya’ll think.
Hey, there is no way to attach images here, THAT SUCKS!
(Yeh, I know about the foot.)

(theeth) #2

I really like the toon look to it, especially the head pic. Is there a place were we could see the animations (assuming those come from animations)?

PS: about the forum attachment thingy, that’s a server limit problem I think.

(digitalSlav) #3

face on the toenail has the wrong texture on it - other than that it’s pretty sweet

(bmax) #4

looks rather amusing, i think you should rig and animate those bastards! :stuck_out_tongue: