this is my first real model using the sculpt tool. I started with a grid. I deleted and moved vertices around till I gor a petal outline, and then I used the sculpt tool to shape the initial rose petal. I then duplicated the petal and changed the geometry a little, correcting any overlap with the sculpt tool. I repeated the same process working from the outside in.
the stem is an cylinder extruded a ton of times and sub divided to oblivion to give enough detail for the thorns. I was not concerned about poly count for two reasons. one, it is a simple scene, and two, I just got a dual core 3.0 GHz intel core 2 duo comp with 2GB RAM!

(you may have to ajust your screen a little to see it just right)


EDIT: fixed broken links and resized to fit on most screens.

i cant see nothing or anything to look at…:(:frowning:

I can, but you should render a smaller picture. I can’t see the whole thing on my screen at once. Also, consider adding some more lights.


Thnx for the PM…I can see that you have a nice petal model and material looks good, however I agree with Skyler add some more lightings on it…And add maybe some nice background…Cheers

I love this image even today. It is beautiful…

Ouch, the lighting could do with a lot of work.

This is one of my first models in blender. Done with a simple extrude method. Very low poly count (I know your testing your machine) I used the ramp colours to bring out the violet shader and a simple lighting setup. Maybe less is more if ya get me