A little scene I made to test out volumetric lighting. Rendered in BI.

I’m debating whether I should add a table cloth and/or zoom in so as to leave out the top and bottom thirds of the picture.

First of all, image is very-very dark. Leave the room black, increase Energy 2-4 times and make shadows a little bit softer. And try to use Cycles. It gives 10 times better result. Stem of the flower can be modelled better

As far as i know volumetric rendering still doesn’t work in cycles so no, don’t use cycles.
I think a tablecloth would be good idea and it is at least worth trying.
to make the glass a bit better you might want to turn up the “Depth” value in you transparancy raytracing settings. Also check your ior settings and make sure they are a value which fits glass since it seems to be a little high on first look. Something about 1.5 should be right. (you can look up the refractive index at
If you haven’t already you can also add a reflection to the glass with a fitting fresnel value to give it some more realism.
Oh and turn on “recieve transparent” (in the shadow section of the material settings) for the floor plane.

I would enjoy seeing a rerendered image after you tweeked those things a little because i really like the setup and the lighting effects of the scene.

The current settings I have for the glass are:


  • Raytrace: On
  • Alpha: 0
  • Fresnel: 0.47
  • IOR: 1.51714
  • Depth: 6


  • Reflectivity: 0.189
  • Fresnel: 2.08
  • Blend: 1.385

So the IOR is already around 1.5, I’ll just try adjusting the depth and reflectivity like you said and fix the shadow on the floor.

Added a table cloth