So I’ve got this idea in my head to do a Rose seen…well really it won’t be a “Rose” not a real one anyway I’m planing on it to be illuminant (probably a blue’sh color) sate in a black background with a bunch of mirrors floating around it.

I’ve started modeling the rose

As always any impute is gold to me <3

I’ve also sate up a ruff/vary ruff Mirror seen Suzanne, is ware the Rose will go.

wall that’s it for today hopefully I’ll get bake to it tomorrow night:D

The model looks very nice! It’d be interesting to see it with materials applied, and obviously a good lighting, especially for the petals.

Thank you!
and I’m planing to add materials lighting and all the works (especially petals)

and hopefully my n00b skills well get the job dune:eyebrowlift:

Ok I’m finely dune with a couple more test renders so…yay!!!:smiley:

Now back to business:RocknRoll:

k this is as far as I’ve got with the organelle stile needs lots of work

And this is my new baby<3

now I’ve changed the concept of this seen a lot instead of just having the rose sate up in the mirror seen I had.
I’m planing on having the Rad/normal rose on a reflective surfs and having the Black/aline rose (as my brother called it) as the reflation.

Hope you like it!

cool. I really like the dark one with the white fibers

hay thanks:)

I actually made those fibers with the new Dynamic Topology tool that came with 2.66

That roses is cool the 1 with hair is my favorite thanks for showing

Thanks glade you liked it.